• Natural & Organically Certified
  • High Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • pH Buffering Capacity
  • Stimulates Microbial Activity
  • De-Toxifies Chemicals & Heavy Metals in the Soil
  • Rich in Organic & Mineral Substances
  • Stabilizes Urea & Other Sources of Nitrogen
  • Promotes Seed Germination
  • Enhances Root Development
  • Promotes & Feeds Beneficial Soil Fungi
  • Assists in Soil Wetting, Moisture & Nutrient Retention

MinRock™ Micronized Humic Acid is a natural product that is rich in soil organic matter and humic substances. It receives no
chemical or biological treatments during manufacturing. This product can be applied to soil as a soil amendment or as an
additive to foliar feeding programs. It contains a natural chelating and complexing agent that assists in magnifying nutrient
absorption. The product will improve the soil structure that is essential for promoting plant growth.

Recommended Application Rates

Foliar & Soil: 1-5 lbs/Acre per application; up to 10 lbs/Acre per Season (Micronized Humic Acid)

Product is compatible with most liquid and powder fertilizers. Use adequate water to disperse product evenly.