• Natural and Organically Certified
  • Controls Filamentous and Planktonic Algae growth
  • Will not harm fish or other aquatic vegetation
  • Safe to use in irrigation ponds and outdoor garden water features
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* MinRock™ Pond Treatment bonds with excessive pond nutrients making them unavailable, so the Algae are unable to proliferate. By correcting the source of the problem, the pond’s own aerobic bacteria will breakdown organic wastes and restore a balanced pond ecosystem.

* Suggested Rates: 25 Lbs. (11.3 Kgs) per Foot Acre.
Because of the uniqueness of every pond, rates will vary, so additional treatments may be required.

Growth of Algae in ponds can be a result of many factors:

  • High nutrient levels in the water;
  • Organic matter accumulating faster than pond bacteria can break it down;
  • Water and Air temperature;
  • Pond Oxygen levels;
  • The amount of water flowing in and out of the pond.

Treating Algae chemically or by mechanically removing it from the pond are short term solutions that can lead to oxygen depletion and fish kill.

MinRock’s Calcium Silicate removes excess phosphorus through mineral sequestration, by forming Calcium Phosphate, a stable and inert mineral. With its food source eliminated, the Algae dies off.