• Natural and Organically Certified
  • Provides Macro & Micro Nutrients for Plant Growth
  • Stimulates Root Growth Recovery on Roots Damaged by Larvae Activity
  • Promotes Turf Growth Recovery on Turf Damaged by Larvae Activity
  • Deters Digging Activities by Turf Night Feeders through Contact

Trials were conducted over a three-year period monitoring infestation activities and responses to various rates of Calcium Silicate treatments on several fairways, with the cooperation of a local golf course. Parallel testing was also successfully conducted at other locations. In all trials, regardless of the application rates used, larvae activity was suppressed and full turf recovery was achieved. All pictures below were taken from the same Fairway Trial Area.

Aug. 27 – Grub Infestation
Sept. 3 – Dead and Dying Grubs
Sept. 14 – Suppressed Grubs – 90% Recovery
Oct. 1 – Skunk Digging Damage Began
Oct. 1 – Spot Treating Skunk Damage
Oct. 9 – Recovery (Further Treatment to Deter Skunks)
Sept. 9 – Dead Grubs found at 1″ to 2″ Root Depth
Oct.14 – Product in Soil Profile
Oct. 14 – Product worked into soil up to 1″ in Depth

MinRock™ Soil Amendment & Turf Recovery is a natural and organic product processed from the mineral Calcium Silicate. It maintains a needle-like structure that does not breakdown when added to the soil, further fortifying the soil base. Observations show that the sharp mineral particles will puncture through the larvae skin, causing immediate stress and eventual death. In addition, animals digging in search of larvae are mildly irritated by this sharpness, causing them to move away from the treated areas.

As a preventative application, the product can be tilled into the soil prior to seeding, sodding or planting. As a curative application, the Calcium Silicate can be spread topically on the turf canopy and watered in, when larvae activity is detected. The product will detract the larvae to the point where they tend to migrate deeper into the soil, prematurely to avoid contact, therefore initiating a faster turf recovery, while still in-season. Otherwise, the larvae will only channel deeper, when the first frost occurs.

In addition to the larvae suppression, the nutrient package contained in the product expedites turf recovery. Full Recovery can be seen in two to three weeks, depending on the degree of infestations.

Early detection and treatment will instigate faster turf recovery.

Recommended Application Rates

Lawn Applications: 50 lbs. /1000 sq. ft. (25 kgs. /100 sq. metres)
Apply: Using Spreader (Alternatively Broadcast as evenly as possible by shovel to areas affected).

Golf Course: 50 lbs. /1000 sq. ft. (25 kgs. /100 sq. metres)Apply: Using Top Dresser or Spreaders (Alternatively Broadcast as evenly as possible by shovel to areas affected).

Pre-Sodding or Pre-Planting Applications: 2 Metric Tons per Acre and till in to soil.