• Natural and Organically Certified
  • Provides Macro & Micro Nutrients for Plant Growth
  • Stimulates Root Growth Recovery on Roots Damaged by Larvae Activity
  • Promotes Turf Growth Recovery on Turf Damaged by Larvae Activity

MinRock Soil Amendment and Turf Recovery product is rich in plant available Calcium, Silicon, Magnesium and many other micro nutrients. This mineral package helps build cell wall strength, aids in nutrient translocation and improves the photosynthetic process. It also increases the plants resiliency to diseases and other stresses, as well as improving the soil structure.

Aug. 27 – Turf With Grub Infestation
Sept. 14 – 90% Turf Recovery
Oct. 1 – Turf Damage From Skunks
Oct. 1 – Spot Treating Skunk Damage
Oct. 9 – 100% Turf Recovery
Oct.14 – Product in Soil Profile
Oct. 14 – Product worked 1″ into soil

MinRock™ Soil Amendment & Turf Recovery is a natural and organic product processed from the mineral Calcium Silicate. It maintains a needle-like structure that does not breakdown when added to the soil, further fortifying the soil base.

The nutrient package contained in the product expedites turf recovery. Full Recovery can be seen in two to three weeks, depending on the degree of damage.

Early detection and treatment will instigate faster turf recovery.

Recommended Application Rates

Lawn Applications: 50 lbs. /1000 sq. ft. (25 kgs. /100 sq. metres)
Apply: Using Spreader (Alternatively Broadcast as evenly as possible by shovel to areas affected).

Golf Course: 50 lbs. /1000 sq. ft. (25 kgs. /100 sq. metres)Apply: Using Top Dresser or Spreaders (Alternatively Broadcast as evenly as possible by shovel to areas affected).

Pre-Sodding or Pre-Planting Applications: 2 Metric Tons per Acre and till in to soil.